Hello, I am Pratik.

I'm a Product Designer from San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work at Groupon. Previously at Amazon, Flipkart and InMobi.



Groupon Desktop Homepage

Designed an experience for Groupon’s desktop homepage to make it organized and guide users to find something of interest. In the process also, made the homepage to be full-width and adapt to the users’ screen size.

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Personalization on Groupon

Designed an experience for new users on Groupon to help them start seeing more relevant offers from day one by providing their preferences through an in-feed card.

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Kindle Author Services

Kindle Author Services helps independant authors find and connect with professionals offering creative services that help them bring a book to life from the manuscript stage.

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Buyer Connect is a buyer and seller communication feature for Flipkart's Seller Platform. It helps sellers to answer buyer queries in a fast and efficient way and thus help them reduce returns and incease orders.

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Design Foundation

Joined the Indian Institute of Technology to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Design. Starting from the basics of design - points, lines and shapes to learning about the profound concepts of universal design, this place laid my foundation and affection towards the field.

July 2009

First Internship

Interned in the summer of 2011 as a Designer at IDC, IIT Bombay. During this internship I learnt the basics of user-centered design and usability testing. I started having an affinity towards the field of UX.

May 2011

Second Internship

Interned at RISE-INSO, Vienna in the summer of 2012 as an UX Designer. I learned about a whole new culture, travelled around Europe, saw works of great artists, ate amazing food. And designed a tablet app for airport authorities at Vienna Airport. It was the best!

May 2012

First Job

Started my first job as a UX Designer at InMobi. Joining a startup and a nimble team of designers came with too many responsibilities too soon. I learned to work at a fast pace with cross functional teams and experienced the thrill of shipping a product.

July 2013

Second Job

Started my second job as an Interaction Designer at Flipkart on their Seller team. Got introduced to the evolving e-commerce industry in India. Got the opportunity of working on the future vision of a challenging product and presenting to executives.

Nov 2014

Masters in HCI

Joined University of Michigan for Masters in Human Computer Interaction. Along with learning about design thinking from some of the finest HCI practitioners in the industry, I learned so much from my peers about collaboration, consensus and cadence while working as a team.

September 2015


During my masters, I interned on the Kindle Design team at Amazon Seattle. It was my first experience of working at such a big organization with such a huge team. I worked on the Northstar vision of a new product, the Amazon way. It was great summer and I had such a blast in Seattle.

May 2016

Current Job

Joined Groupon as a Product Designer on their discovery platform team. I embrace the ownership that has been given to me. Here, I am learning something new everyday and have learnt so much about designing with data, motion design and visual design to name a few. I just love my awesome design peers here.

May 2017


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together or would like to see more of my work.