Team: I was the lead designer. Worked with a product manager and the product director.


Flipkart is an online e-commerce marketplace giant in India. There are numerous concerns for buyers who transact with sellers on Flipkart. All queries of buyers pertaining to transaction with sellers were handled by Flipkart. This led to significant high number of call volumes on their customer care which took a lot of time to be solved or were often were unsolved. There was a need for a communication channel that could connect buyers and sellers and help sellers address to buyer queries in various contexts.


Flipkart's Buyer Seller Communication is a online platform for sellers to answer buyer queries in a fast and effective manner. My team focussed on designing the experience on the seller's side.


Users and Motivation

• Small Businesses- Avenue for growth by increasing sales.
• Large Brands- Maintain customer relationship and brand integrity.
• Buyers- Quick resolution of queries.

Making Sense

We started off with clustering the communication-based issues faced by buyers from data received through the call center and narrowed down to the critical use-cases of the product.

Brainstorming Use Cases

Analysing the use cases helped us define the key goals that we wanted to achieve.

Design Goals

Scalable for both small and large sellers
- Buyer-centric view
- Cater to large number of buyers and queries

Quick responses to buyer queries
- Displaying information related to each query in context
- Persuade sellers for responses with incentive

Improve seller productivity
- Introducing query types and states
- Quick filtering and search of queries
- Navigating between buyer-conversations should be super easy
- Avenues for multitasking

Low-Fi Exploration

To understand the structure and flow of information, we did a few iterations for our approach based on different design patterns. Evaluating each one of these against the design goals, helped us finalize on the approach we wanted to move ahead with.

Mid-Fi Iterations

After finalizing the approach, we started detailing our designs thorugh iterations for interactions, navigation flow and layout. We came up with different functionalities supporting our goals.

Final Wireframes

After multiple iterations, our design evolved to cater to our design goals with the best possible navigation with simple interactions. Considering an end-to-end experience, we designed the notification system for the product keeping in mind how it would adapt to different notification types.

Visual Design

After a final sign off on the design from the team and engineering, we worked on the Visual Design of the product taking into consideration Flipkart's new design system.


The vision was very well received by the product and engineering leaders. It went on to go on to the roadmap of the Seller Product Team at Flipkart. The project was taken over by another designer when I departed from Flipkart to carry forward the vision



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